Payment Method

Due to high demand and international shipping, orders usually cannot be canceled or returned.

Haxa accept two kind of payments:

- Paypal

- Coinbase Commerce

How to pay via Coinbase Commerce?
  1. Only send USDC on the ERC20 network. 
  2. While Coinbase might be the most convenient, all crypto exchange platforms or/and wallets can be used if they can make USDC payments via ERC20 network.  
  3. You might be asked to complete a KYC verification before starting your order. Exchange platforms use KYCs to prevent fraudulent activities. 
  4. If you complete the KYC during the order process it might timeout the transaction and you will not receive a confirmation notice. 
  5. More detailed process please see below. 

Step One

Come to the checkout page, and Coinbase Commerce will be the only payment option. Please click on “Complete Order”. 

Step Two

The page will jump to Coinbase Commerce payment page. If you have a Coinbase account, click on the blue “Pay with coinbase” button, or click “USDC” and a payment page will appear.

Step Three

Copy and paste the USDC Address to your exchange or wallet, then withdraw. Make sure to choose the ERC20 network, and your account has enough ETH for the transaction fee. If you choose the wrong network or token, your money will be lost. 

Step Four

Wait for the payment to be verified and processed. 

Step Five

Complete! You will receive an email to confirm your order. 

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